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Go4Expert.com April 2009 Newsletter

Discussion in 'Newsletter Archives' started by shabbir, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

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    Hey, it's time for G4EF Newsletter!

    Newsletter is compiled from G4EF content based on forum activity in the previous month.

    -:Recent Articles:-

    Test Your Anti Virus If its Really Good?
    Virtual Table and _vptr in Replicated and Shared Multiple Inheritance
    Size of a C++ class object
    All About Cookies and Security
    Age of Adword Account and Quality Score


    For high quality article contribution jayaraj_ev and Mridula Promoted as Author

    We have our First Mentor !!! xpi0t0s

    -:Article Competition:-

    Official Nomination thread -
    Nomination for article of the month for March 2009


    We have had the following activity last month

    + 3,625 New Members
    + 366 New Threads and Articles ( combined )
    + 1,467 New Posts and comments



    Go4Expert Administrator

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