Gamer and desiner (Please correct my Words)

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Hi i am michael and i am a very good gamer.
i manly play lan and so people ask me for help when thay get stuck in games.
(the ones i have played)
i like Stalker Shadow of Chenobyl and Call of pripyat.
Clear sky no i hate that one.
it always crashs when i play it.
althoue i maneged to finish it.
the end was to kill strelock if any one played it and never finishd it?
also crysis Battle field 2142 ,2 ,Specile forses 2 ETC.
i have tryed to program but i am up and down since i can not find a corse easy enoth to
be fun.
Game instetute.
ASK for more detales.
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Hi Michael and welcome to the forum
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If anyone reads the artical that i have witten i am saying.
"i am a great gamer.
I also desingn games etc"
i have desinged a game and also a really alsome weapon called: Omar 112.12.
This is a weapon with a very cool stunt for people who have to many bad guys to kill in games.
<(Beginerrs only gun)>
Reply to me for detailes.
reply is reqied i promes you i am not a joker.
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Emails in public forum means lots of spam in your inbox buddy.
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Well it looks like i got my email wrong.
Thanks for the warning.
But i might say sorry to the rest as well.
Ill open up a little forum to anyong who wants to ask any Qustions Thank.
:c onfused: