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Freeze your mind!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by asadullah.ansari, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. asadullah.ansari

    asadullah.ansari TechCake

    Below are pictured 5 coins (represented by X and O). Your job is to get the 3 X's together and the 2 O's together by sliding the coins. You must slide two coins at a time, an X and an O. They must move together as a unit. You cannot move them further apart or closer together, and you cannot turn them around, that is turn XO into OX or OX into XO. You also cannot spread the 3 remaining coins apart or push them closer together. The coins must end up in a straight line with no gaps.
    It can be done in just 3 moves. Can you find them?

    X O X O X
  2. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    i thing these three step's are

    1. X 0 X X 0
    2. X X 0 X 0
    3. X X X 0 0

    pl confirm it's right or 00000!
  3. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    a would say same as faizulhaque :p lol
  4. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    X O X O X

    X_O_X _X_ O


    lol think about : no gaps :p

    how is that one? ;)
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2008
  5. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    You cann't move any two object at once.

    after X 0 X X 0

    you direct say

    X X X 0 0 (Who? one step is missing)
  6. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    you maybe right lol :]
  7. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    why may be it's must be same as directed.
  8. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    ok ok ok lol you win! women :p joke joke

    hmm a dnt know tbh, cuz we have to get rid of spaces and we have to move X n O together
    well a cud b wrong who knows lolz
    can we get the answer please :]
  9. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    Lolzzzz al about
  10. seangtz

    seangtz New Member


    How is this one ?
  11. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    you have to get it to be XXXOO m8 :]
  12. JobMatchNow

    JobMatchNow New Member

    I thought XOXOX meant kisses and hugs, ok here is my attempt

  13. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    Steps overflow.
  14. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    Multiply Up to 20X20 In Your Head
    In just FIVE minutes you should learn to quickly multiply up to 20x20 in your head. With this trick, you will be able to multiply any two numbers from 11 to 19 in your head quickly, without the use of a calculator.
    I will assume that you know your multiplication table reasonably well up to 10x10.

    Try this:

    Take 15 x 13 for an example.
    Always place the larger number of the two on top in your mind.
    Then draw the shape of Africa mentally so it covers the 15 and the 3 from the 13 below. Those covered numbers are all you need.
    First add 15 + 3 = 18
    Add a zero behind it (multiply by 10) to get 180.
    Multiply the covered lower 3 x the single digit above it the "5" (3x5= 15)
    Add 180 + 15 = 195.

    That is It! Wasn't that easy? Practice it on paper first!

    (Reference angelfire)

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