Forum Search : 10 sec. Waiting Time

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hey well this isn't really a bug but it does fall into that category...

goto menu, open today's posts in new tab and then open unanswered post in new tab,
unanswered post won't show, as i have to wait for 10 seconds before i should have clicked it(to be specific search thread can be used) ...
i know its not the menu's bug, but shabbir can this be solved?
why do all forums have seach wait for some time thing?
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I think this one should be in "Suggestions and Feedback" forum.
So, I moved it.

But, I feel forum search should have some limit. (If not 10, may be 5) But, the waiting time should be there so as to avoid flooding the forum search.
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We have search open to guests and without image verification because we have urls like

Which would list all your articles and so there is a wait time of 10 seconds before you can search something else. This does not apply to Google Search though
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Right and this wait-10 seconds thing is common in all forums.