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I have an interesting issue. I would like to figure out how someone is able to detect my location online, specifically on a gaming server. Someone I met a few years ago decided he wanted to stalk me..

He likes to follow me into the games I play.. I change my game name and start playing a new game and he is still able to see exactly where I am online, he joins the server I am playing and talks to me in the game..He is harassing and cyber stalking me..I have some admins friends who have looked up his IP for me, turns out He uses a proxy IP to hide his real IP so I am not able to easily find out his real location and internet provider.He has something on my computer I think..I have tried to reformat and that did not work as I tested it and sure enough he was able to find me

this isnt like WOW where u have a specific charcter, this is a game like COD where u can basically create a new name at anytime - no email attached to me, no registered account like some games may have

If someone has my IP address, would they be able to see what game I am playing?
If someone has my MAC address would that allow them to see where I am >?

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Don't think this is the correct place to post....
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