Feedback for Go4Expert's Monthly Newsletter

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It is just over 6 month's when we switched to the New Newsletter System and it will be really exciting to get the feedback from you guys.

I hope you enjoy it and pass on the word to your buddies. As always, I'd love to know what you would like to see in upcoming newsletters and we welcome you to submit your feedback.
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I think there are lot of improvement of new system which I could not resist myself to post.
  • Much better deliver-ability
  • Content is much more a PRO. I don't mean it was not that good before but now it is much more well presented.
The best thing I always liked about Go4Expert Newsletter is we hardly find any unwanted emails.

Keep it up
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Hey thanks for those nice words.
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The Newsletter of Go4Expert is excellent. I can learn a lot from this. Thank you for providing such a
great job to help me understand so much programming skills.
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Nice newsletter i ve subscribed many of newsletters powered by Aweber but this looks more professional