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who is your favorite cartoon character?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by wilsontom, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. wilsontom

    wilsontom Banned

    my favorite cartoon character is johny bravo, what about yours?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    As of now my favorite is Doraemon because of my kids.
  3. arvindgvt1

    arvindgvt1 Banned

    chota bheem & Mr Beem
  4. Seo_Aryan

    Seo_Aryan Banned

    Bobby Hill is my favorite character on King of the Hill.
  5. arvindgvt1

    arvindgvt1 Banned

    tom & jerry..............
  6. surbhigvt

    surbhigvt Banned

    I don't like cartoon so much but i like tom and jerry..
  7. Moshe

    Moshe New Member

    Well if we talk about cartoons and the first character come in to my mind are TOM and jerry.... I watched these cartoons a lot when I was younger... And the second favorite is the Pink Panther... These cartoons are really nice...
  8. my favorite cartoon charactor is tom and jerry
  9. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    Old school Bugs. Nothing more funny than getting harmed in the head with an anvil
  10. anandkumar

    anandkumar New Member

    Santa and banta
  11. aisha123

    aisha123 New Member

    scooby is my favorite cartoon character.....
  12. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    Don't know why but i can't stand Scooby. Even when i was a child i didn't love this puppy named Scobby Doo :D
  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    my favorite is Dexter laboratory .I think i haven't miss even a single episode of it during my childhood
  14. vijayjoshigvt

    vijayjoshigvt Banned

    Shinchan is my favorite cartoon character.
  15. unni krishnan.r

    unni krishnan.r New Member

    Tom and jerry
  16. rajeshraj

    rajeshraj Banned

    Bugs Bunny is, perhaps, the most recognizable and famous cartoon character. Looney Tunes were first created as lead-ins to feature films. It was only later the cartoons became a Saturday morning staple. Generations later, Bugs Bunny is still tops.
  17. pramodets

    pramodets Banned

    i liked a TV show "The Three Stooges".
  18. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    Also add Cow and Chicken :p
  19. shahzada

    shahzada New Member

    My favorite cartoon character is Jerry.
  20. marino.DV

    marino.DV Banned

    than here is Tom :p

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