Experts in variety of fields wanted as authors.

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A new technology publishing house -- that offers some of the best royalties in the industry -- is looking for experts in their field who want to share their insights as authors.

rapidBooks is set up to make you successful with writing and marketing your book, and we only make money when you do. A few more reason to consider publishing are:

1. We move through the process quickly to make sure your material is fresh.
2. We are focused on technology, and know the space.
3. We give personalized attention with a team of experts.

As already mentioned, our authors receive royalties as high as 47%.

Here are some of the subjects we are interested in:

Open Source (CRM, Social Media, Confluence, JIRA, Python, Java, WordPress, Drupal, Elgg, jQuery, creative, etc.)
MicroSoft Technologies
Cloud Computing
Agile Software Development
Data Management
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And of course I should have mentioned:

Web Design and SEO