How often do you excercise ?

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Hi all G4EF members !

I was getting bored : no new post for an hour (even more probably).
So, I decided to chit-chat.

So, how often do you guys exercise ?

If you ask that to me, my answer will be, um... more than once, a week.
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3-4 times to week. It's very important to keep yourself in a good fit.
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3 times a week. I just go run for a few hours.
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When I joined GYM I was doing 3 days a week but now next to NIL
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Every day i wake up at 5 am and go to gim
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I try to have at least 3 every week.
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I always think to do but its very typical to apply every day in this busy schedule .But its a very Good if we apply it daily.
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well i think around 2 days a week. don't have time and don't like that much the workout but it is good for your health so you have to do it.
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to little. in fact except playing some football one time a week none
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judging by my fitness level i would say never :P. big belly user here :P