Count Number Of Occurrences

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I'm trying to get the count of the number of times Content-Type occurs in the data[i] where I stated. I'm new at this and I can't seem to fingd something that's simple enough. Any suggestions are welcome.

void printRawData(unsigned char *data, int length, int more)
int i, c=0;
printf(" -------------IP Data Begins-------------\n");
for (i=0; i<length; i++)
if ((data[i]>30 && data[i]<122) || 
(((data[i]==10) || (data[i]==13) || (data[i]==123) || (data[i]==125))
&& (more>0)))
printf("%c", data[i]);
////CODE HERE/////////////////////
printf("[%i]", data[i]);
if (data[i]>9) c++;
if (data[i]>99) c++;
if (c>=47)
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I know I'm new to the forums, but I think your question would be best answered in the Programming > C-C++ section. Having said that..I'll take a look at your problem when I'm more sober