codes for sorting of numbers in assemby language

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hi shabbir. i am just new to assembly language and its not really easy for me. we have our project and that is to input 10 numbers and sort it from lowest to highest. i really dont know what to doplease help waiting for your response. tanks a lot. hope you can help me on this.
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oh before i forget. we are using emu8086.
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y u created a new thread for it ?
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Welcome to programming. It's not easy for anyone. Look through your course notes and think about them; you'll find all you need in what you've covered to date. Also you can try googling "sort algorithm", and look for "bubble sort" as one of the easiest sort algorithms to understand and implement.

Also there are lots of different processors each with its own language. So if you want help with a particular processor you'll need to tell us which one you're using.

We'll help if you get stuck. Start the code and work through it as far as you can, then when you're stuck (and I mean REALLY stuck, don't just go "oh this is hard and I'm feeling lazy so let's ask one of the experts to do it for me") post what you've got so far and say why you're stuck, what you're trying to figure out, how the code is going wrong, what input you gave it and any other relevant info.

We won't do it for you for one simple reason: programming is learnt by DOING programming, not by looking at completed code samples. Think of it this way: like everyone else, your teacher wants an easy life; he's not (just) enjoying torturing you with difficult and unnecessary tasks. If the best way to learn was to look at complete code examples, he would already be giving you those examples and not asking you to write them yourselves.
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oh before i forget. we are using emu8086.
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