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Clientcom.dll error??? here is what it actually means

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by vishal sharma, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. vishal sharma

    vishal sharma New Member

    During startup have u ever recieved messege: C:\Program Files\winad client\clientcom.dll.

    No, its not any file missing but this error is generated by WindowsXp shell.
    Actually clientcom.com is a part of winad.exe which is a spyware.

    Startup entry for winad.exe: WinAd

    winad.exe description: File winad.exe is a related to TwistedHumor company. It shows commercial advertisements
    . From time to time it connects to the Internet and downloads instructions and files.
    File winad.exe is related to adware WinAD.

    Files related to winad.exe: winad2.dll, WNAD.EXE, WNAD.DAT, WNAD-UPDATE.EXE

    File winad.exe removal: WARNING!!! File winad.exe is related to adware.
    This is serious violation of ur privacy, ur system is under security threat.

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