New Business Idea Help

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hi im interested in starting my own business, just want to gather some ideas so if you guys can help out i would b gratefull. I have a low budget and need realistic ideas which require part time work.

thanks in advance
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Probably best to start with answering some basic questions:

What are you good at
What skills do you have
Have you identified a market need for something.

The trick is having a good idea, finance is not a problem if you have a great idea as there's lots of VC money floating about the place.

Can't provide you with any great ideas, But you may get some businees ideas from
TRADEDEE. You get all kind of information and help like if you want to know about e-commerce, Business Opportunity, marketing advertising etc. You get all these details in one place. But still you’ll have to do that for yourself, and remember there are lots of low capital, low time requirement potentials out there.

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What a way to discuss within yourself but you probably messed up with the usernames with the following thread. New Business Idea Help.