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Hello I got to know about very interesting thing which some of you might be knowing but those who dnt know should know about this. Sometimes it happens that u need to talk to ur friend in gtalk and u find him/her offline all the time. Does he really not bother to come online or he doesn't bother to talk to you? If u want to clarify ur doubts regarding this then a very gud application is available for ur assistance. The name of the application is "pidgin". It is a universal open source chat client. Download it and install. Then follow the following steps to find out who has blocked u:-

1)when you first start the application select "gtalk" for the configuration out of several chat clients options.
2) after login into the gtalk service navigate to:- buddies--->show and check the "offline buddies" option.
3) Right click on the "offline buddy" whom u have doubt and click on the "get info" option. If the buddy is really offline then u will get the complete info of the buddy like:-
a) Status: offline
b) Full name: xyz
c) Photo (if any)

But if the buddy has blocked u then u will not get any information and the only thing u get is:-
Status: offline
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no i cannot block.
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nice info. let me try.
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Good information, really I'm suffering from such situation...
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nice and good information.
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good information
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Not yet blocked..............
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I cannot block.
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Good informatio,let me try.