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Hi guys this is my first post, i just joined your community i hope to meet you all in here and contribute to your forum.

My name is James im 41 and know my way around the ethical hacking community i dont deface or steal anything from sites exept emails, I do it to challenge myself once im in a site and obtained the admin name, username and password I know i have hacked that site, i then leave the site untouched and i mark that down as a hacked site and a plus point, i do it for fun the challenge is getting in that i love but i am a white hat and do no bad hacking i am a ethical hacker.

I use sql injection and some ftp hacks i have a lot to learn and some knowlege to share, I think I will leave it there for now and my first post is done, I am no longer a Posters virgin and i huge big HI to everyone.
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Hello and welcome James.
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Welcome Blazor
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Hi & Welcome!