Do you believe in true LOVE ?

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Do you believe in true LOVE ?
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I believe.
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i listen "love is blind" . i don't believe in blind people.
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Originally Posted by pramodets View Post
i listen "love is blind" . i don't believe in blind people.
Very well said.
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sometimes yes i tend to believe;
But don't know why something always happen and things are not working well....
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Well I believe in True Love . True Love is that Which come from heart .
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i guess i really dont. as sad as it sounds i kinda think people learn to love what ever there exposed to. so people will always be able to find love where ever they go. so love is not true love is conditioned.
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I never believe in love.
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Yes i do believe in true love.Love is a beautiful feeling,i think everybody must fall in love in his/her life once.Today people generally use the word "love" for doing time pass only and this is something not good its decreases the beauty and purity of love.
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I say 100% yes since I got married about 3 weeks ago this is the only answer I can give!

You sometimes have to search hard for it though!