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What is the average period to sleep

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by seangtz, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. seangtz

    seangtz New Member

    Hello guys,

    Everyday as doctor says its better to have 6 to 8 hours sleep every person per day... I just curious to know how much hours you people sleep every day.... please share your valuable opinions.
  2. softigo

    softigo New Member

    Well around 5-6 hours :)
    It's definitely not enough though.
  3. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Less than 8 but definitely in that range.
  4. oldgamesware

    oldgamesware New Member

    I sleep about 5-7 hours every day.
  5. hanleyhansen

    hanleyhansen New Member

    I get around 7 every night.
  6. senaratne

    senaratne New Member

    What doctors say is a generalised statement. It varies from person to person. Certainly, elderly people do not need so much sleep. I know of many who sleep only about 4 hours.

    I sleep about 6 hours.
  7. johndept1

    johndept1 New Member

    6 to 7 hours a day.
  8. clgboy2

    clgboy2 New Member

    i sleep 7 hours a day.
  9. unni krishnan.r

    unni krishnan.r New Member

    sleep what does it realyy means
    Oh the time when i quit my computer
  10. clgboy2

    clgboy2 New Member

    what time when you quit?
  11. keyboardboy1

    keyboardboy1 New Member

    I sleep 7 hours a day daily.
  12. Ancient Dragon

    Ancient Dragon New Member

    I sleep from 6 to 7 hours daily. When I work a late shift (until midnight), its a 45 minute drive home, then wind down on my computer for an hour or so, then off to bed. By that time its 1:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Sometimes I work day shift so I am able to get to bed about 11:00 p.m.

    Take an hour nap when I can during the early afternoon (about noon).
  13. keyboardboy1

    keyboardboy1 New Member

    What you work?
  14. mriganka

    mriganka New Member

    I think 7 is enough!
  15. keyboardboy1

    keyboardboy1 New Member

    Good time.
  16. eagle1984

    eagle1984 New Member

    My average period to sleep 6 to 7 hour a day.
  17. Seo_Aryan

    Seo_Aryan Banned

    i sleep 6-7 hours a day.
  18. seomanju

    seomanju Banned

    6 hours sleep is must for everyone.specially for student.
  19. carpetrepairguy

    carpetrepairguy New Member

    I sleep at least 8 hours and love it.
  20. wilsontom

    wilsontom Banned

    daily 8 hours.

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