About 10 years...

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The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a verdict that the smokers will be able to obtain reimbursement from cigarette companies
the use of cigarettes in the title the words "light". The court acknowledged that the manufacturer of misleading customers by creating the illusion
that such cigarettes have less injury, said France Presse

I can not remember when the first "light" cigarettes. About 10 years... These companies are once again deceived us and take away our health.
This deception can not tolerate long as the President thinks?
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some people may think im a monster for what i am going to say but the hell with it. i think anyone that is dumb enough to buy into the idea that "light cigarettes will course less health concerns is a complete idiot, and also i feel that they are not forcing you to smoke the damn things, so you should have to suffer for what you have done to yourself. if i give you a knife and you slit your write is it my fault for not telling you its sharp? im just saying its no ones fault but your own deal with it.
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Originally Posted by cpulocksmith View Post
if i give you a knife and you slit your write is it my fault for not telling you its sharp?
Well, what if you've advertised knives as "cool" using images like cowboys, studs/babes etc who have no health problems associated with wrist slitting? What if you sponsor sports events? What if your wrist slitting business is a multibillion dollar affair with internal memos along the lines of "um, I think this could be causing people to drop down dead"? And what if when you're found out you declare that it's not wrist slitting that causes death but loss of blood (which is technically correct), and the problem is your customers' for their general failure to manage the resulting flow of blood?
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that's stupid... people still die for smoking light or not, is the same garbage, and not only you're killing yourself (that wouldn't matter, you do wahat you want with your life) you also kill other people arround you and contaminate the place where you are...
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Well, I guess that by labelling these cigarettes with 'light'would act as 'effective' advertisement of something that many consider to be dreadful. It's just like saying that a lemon A is 20% less acidity. They're just treating the consumers foolishly.