3 way link exchange PR5 / PR3 / PR0

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Hello, I'm looking for blogroll/homepage 3 way link exchange.

I have:
1 PR5 italian blog about seo, programming (language: italian)
1 PR3 canadian cleaning company website (language: english)
1 PR0 canadian t-shirt store (language: english)

All sites are under different IPs.

I need:
a link for a logo design site

There's no need to be in same niche, anyway I will give priority to graphics, web design niche.

PM me for more info.
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I am looking for a 3 way link exchange.

I would give your site a prominent listing in one of the sites if you will add my link first on your law site.

If you are interested, please contact me at defenseattorney9@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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i want to exchange link with you. please contact me to :ad@yoybuy.com.