Just 2 say hi 2 elite of new age

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Maybe sound funy but ask your selfe 1 question?????
like the wise man says "IGNORENCE IS BLESS.....
So i come 4 u 2 learn stuff that professors dont know how 2 explain,i m in akademy 4 IT technology but i m from hells playground called serbia where i must be the best in all programs and program language or some dady son is going 2 take my place and he think that
SQL is next movie and JAVA is an island (it is but not here bro).
So i have 1 year 2 learn how 2 be the best in programing . So any sugestions or lil share of something 4 u is couple of miutes 4 mee is a life...tnx 4 accseping mee in your tribe.....i will folow the rules and try 2 make the best of my time spend on line here..peace out
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Hi and welcome to the forum and I totally Agree about your opinion about knowledge