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This is an article on XP Tricks in Windows.
Here i am going to show you some easy tricks you can do.

What to do when "Add/Remove" wont take away the program?
There is always a second option you may do.
Press "START" and "RUN" type "regedit"
When you have up your registry window
go to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall
Here can you Manually take away programs from your computer. Find the right key and delete it.
You should also make a backup of the key in case you delete the wrong one.
How can i change where i should save my programs?
As everyone know when you install new programs on your computer it will get saved in "Program Files"
But is there anyway to change this? Answer is Simple "Yes"

Press "START" and "RUN" type "regedit" now you have up your Registry window
There should be a key named "ProgramFilesDir" change the value to where you want save
your programs.
How can i Disable Windows Error Report?
Serval times you may think damn i want to have away this error report thing you always get it up when a program crash.

well here is how you do it. Press "START" and "RUN" type "sysdm.cpl"
Go on "Advanced" and there should be a bottom with name "Error Report" click on that one you will now get up little box. You should make a check mark on "Disable error report" Click ok and you are done.
How can i see hidden files in DOS?
Go to the "Folder" the file is hidden in with using "cd (Folder name)"'
When you are in the right folder type "dir /ah" this will show you the hidden files in that folder.
How can i get access to Important Information about the user and system of the computer?

Press "START" and "RUN" type "cmd" when you have up your command prompt window.
type "systeminfo" Now you will get easy access about the computer.
What can i do when some of my XP files are Currupt or Damaged?

Press "START" and "RUN" type "sfc /purgecache" and "sfc /scannow" to do this.
You must put in the "Windows CD" this will set all the files back to normal.
How can i log in Administrator account?

When you start up windows when you get to the Welcome Screen press CTRL + ALT + DEL two times in the row.
Now you will get up the screen you can typing what account you want to log in to. type "Administrator" as username and than type in the password you have taken.
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I didn't knew about How can i see hidden files in DOS?
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how would you log into the adminstrator account without the password .Explain clearly please.thank you
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I just telling how you can log into administator account if you are the admin..
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Nice informations, but i already know all that.

Patmuch, download "Admin Pass Finger" and brute force administrator's password.
Program work great.
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Alt+ctrl, Hi dude which site do I download "Admin pass finger".I,m greatful .thanks alot
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hey..thanks for this very useful and informative post..i really appreciate you people sharing good stuff like this..thanks a lot!!
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Thanks...the corrupt files one is lotsa help to me
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Thanks Neverdiez
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If you are not admin i sopose you could remove programs with CMD. Also if you do not have acces to CMD just use a simple HTML hack.