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Website Development Approach

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by bluent, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. jennyjuan

    jennyjuan Banned

    Good news, I will follow it.
  2. dhirendra.gvt

    dhirendra.gvt Banned

    Hi Guys,

    Well answering for this question by bluent.

    well done guys keep it Up.
  3. benivolentsoft

    benivolentsoft New Member

    Your information added lots to our data and would facilitate us developing our website far better then before.
  4. jacktom

    jacktom New Member

    Great post. i just love it
  5. Eldridge13

    Eldridge13 New Member

    I will confirm the links that you suggested.
  6. amrithaa2011

    amrithaa2011 Banned


    Is there any way to get the lead from small business owners by any online marketing or direct marketing tricks which should use full methods by ROI benefits for small business growers...??? meet again.
  7. connectsw

    connectsw New Member

    thanks for you article

    Liked it
  8. connectsw

    connectsw New Member

    thnaks for your article
  9. mfred90

    mfred90 Banned

    Website development is not just design and develop. There is lots of things to do for making a brad website like, is your website is search engine friendly ? is you website over stuffed ? is your website have quality content ? is website content readable ? and many more aspects need to consider..
  10. diggo3

    diggo3 New Member

    Website development is necessary for online business.You can develop business website in HTML CSS and PHP latest is java script.
    Every one can learn and make website for own business.
    I make my website in HTML and CSS.
  11. shomameera

    shomameera New Member

    nowadays PHP plays vital role in web development ... the advanced server programming language made the web site development easily....
  12. jimmycobb

    jimmycobb New Member

    Nowadays google and other search engines gives priority only to the brands, they want web site owners to make themself a brand if they want to rank high in SERPs.

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