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How Web Search Engines Work

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by pradeep, May 26, 2005.

  1. sbglobal123

    sbglobal123 New Member

    hey.........., thanks for this useful information and i'll definitely go with this.........
  2. bhavanaets

    bhavanaets Banned

    Hii Everybody,

    The term "search engine" is often used to describe both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories. These two types of search engines gather their listings in radically different ways.

    Crawler-Based Search Engines:-Crawler-based search engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically.

    If you change your web pages, crawler-based search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. Page titles, body copy and other elements all play a role.

    Human-Powered Directories:-A human-powered directory, such as the Open Directory, depends on humans for its listings. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review.

    Changing your web pages has no effect on the listings that u do. Things that are useful for improving a listing with a search engine have nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory. The only exception is that a good site, with good content, might be more likely to get reviewed for free than a poor site.
  3. yameengvt

    yameengvt Banned

    thanx for the tips
  4. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    A funny story is that on one of mine 1st projects involving SEO and crawlers the 1st time i heard the definition of "crawler" i said: wait what?! Don't what that virus to enter my page :p
  5. yameengvt

    yameengvt Banned

    thanx for the tips
  6. seangtz

    seangtz New Member

    Very helpful article for SEO learners!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. elizadani01

    elizadani01 New Member

    Thanks for the nice article.
  8. mactonweb

    mactonweb New Member

    Great article for SEO workers, I really make use of it. Thank you very much Pradeep
  9. maricelibe

    maricelibe New Member

    is google is not hybrid search engine?
  10. mike_12

    mike_12 New Member

    yes indeed a good article thanks for sharing.
  11. mactonweb

    mactonweb New Member

    Hmmm.. that's great awesome article
  12. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    the big secret is how to make them work in your favor
  13. virtueinfo11

    virtueinfo11 Banned

    search engine like unique and fresh content, keep sharing fresh and new content for search engine ranking as well good traffic on website.
  14. veronicaZora

    veronicaZora New Member

    Search engines are the key to getting specific information on the vast expanse of the World Wide Web.They contain amazingly detailed processes and methodologies, and are updated all the time.There are basically three types of search engines: Those that are powered by robots (called crawlers; ants or spiders) and those that are powered by human submissions; and those that are a hybrid of the two.
  15. Vinolin

    Vinolin Banned

    Search engines are the key to finding specific information on the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. Without sophisticated search engines, it would be virtually impossible to locate anything on the Web without knowing a specific URL. Thanks for the share.
  16. sandeep552

    sandeep552 Banned

    Thanks for share nice information, Search engine have good observation to guess what is in mind of visitor.
  17. locker

    locker New Member

    Hey buddy pls help me............actually i m managing five websites..all of them are having good ranking but still my one website is not ranked..............and same time for all websites........i did lot of work for that website but still it is not ranking... can you pls help me in this..
    i did:- article, blogs, forums, bookmarking, directory , classified, comments, press release etc.
    tell me if there is any other thing to do to gain its ranking?????????
  18. ozsubasi

    ozsubasi New Member

    You are commenting on an article. If you have a question please post it in the SEO forum.
  19. locker

    locker New Member


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