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Unthinkable Hacking Techniques !!!

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking Tips' started by Bhullarz, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Bhullarz

    Bhullarz New Member

    Lets talk about detection of viruses and trojans and other malwares... Tell me who develops the Anti Virus or Firewall Programs ? ANswer is Developers . Who creates the viruses and trojans etc.. Answer again is Developer. Can a developer bypass the thoughts of other developer's thoughts? Answer is YES. Because that is why testers are there. So let me tell you one thing some of the anti-viruses are known for false detections of viruses/trojans etc. Why it is there? Because there are different ways of detecting a virus in a system. Some detects on the basis of behaviour and some on the basis of the definition or code (machine code -- these are fixed size viruses.). and some on the basis of the origin of the code. Now a days , anti-viruses are using behaviour + deefinition based detection , so there are always chances that your common program may be detected as virus. So, If you know that your program is clean but AV is showing warning. What you gonna do then? How much trust you will have in for other detections ?
    About forums and torrents, I must say I never gone through any of such where posts are being deleted because those are having trojans... only other users just alerts theothers by posting their reviews regarding the post.
  2. Elward

    Elward New Member


    Im having a little trouble with the program limewire.

    Basically i seen a message left on my desk that my girlfriend had seen something on my limewire that she didnt like, the thing is though, i havnt used limewire in months, even years so have no idea how those type of files are there, as she said there are 63 dodgy videos.

    I asked my friend if he knew anything about it as it was him who downloaded limewire on my pc to begin with and i know he has used my pc many times in the past. He admitted that he downloaded 1 porno before as a joke as he knows my family use it but after a couple of days deleted it after realsing i dont use it so never look at the files there.

    My question is, is there any link to what he did that could of causd this, or if not is there any other way they could of got there?
  3. chrissyuk

    chrissyuk New Member

    From my experience and having done a bit i think you come to the conclusion that the more you know about trojans, viruses and hacking, the more you realize that if someone really wants you they will get you.. Protection comes along time after time, and the hacks just adjust to fit the protection.. The best i think you can do is protect your data that you dont want to share..
  4. Alex1239

    Alex1239 New Member

    Firewall, Deep Freeze, antivirus combined with Keyscrambler is the perfect security package for secure internet experience.
  5. akelius

    akelius New Member

    this information is very important ..so thanks you a lot....

    if any other information is related to prevention to it please .must post
  6. shravansofts

    shravansofts New Member

    if we r not connected to internet! then no problem na?
  7. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Epic FAIL !
  8. hawa

    hawa New Member

    thanks lol, it's really useful info, and gives new technics of hacking your little fellow on facebook.thanks again mr.bhullarz.

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