uninstalling normally not uninstallable programs

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This is an article on uninstalling normally not uninstallable programs in Windows.
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This article focuses mainly on uninstalling things such as windows messenger, WordPad and other similar components that cannot be uninstalled by any normal means.

To normally remove XP utilities and components, you would normally go to control panel>add or remove programs>add/remove windows components. But wait windows messenger is not there! Neither is WordPad, like omg!

This is what you do. Find your sysoc.inf file. It is usually located in the C:\WINDOWS\INF folder. (The C:\WINDOWS\INF might be hidden, so go to tools>folder options>view and choose show hidden files and folders to unhide it). Open sysoc.inf in notepad. When you open the file you’ll see something like this:


Programs that are not uninstallable have the word ‘hide’ or ‘HIDE’ somewhere in there. All you have to do is get rid of the word ‘hide’ and it becomes uninstallable.

Ex. Pinball=ocgen.dll,Ocentry,pinball.inf,HIDE,7 should be changed to Pinball=ocgen.dll,Ocentry,pinball.inf,,7

Ta da!!! Now you can delete all of those unnecessary utilities/programs/components or whatever you call ‘em, that come with windows XP.

And because I’m such a nice guy I’ll even include this so that you know what those crazy names are referring to

AccessOpt-Accessability Wizard
MultiM-Multimedia components, including Media Player, Volume Control, and Sound Recorder
CommApps-Communications components, including Chat, Hyperterminal, and Phone Dialer
AutoUpdate-Windows Automatic Update
TerminalServer-Terminal Server
Dtc-Distributed Transaction Coordinator
WBEM-Windows Management Instrumentation
Pinball-Pinball game
Msmsgs-Windows Messenger
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Very nice. It helped me remove the Wordpad that was causing all the problem.
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