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Understanding Linux Data Backup and Recovery

Discussion in 'Linux' started by coderzone, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. coderzone

    coderzone Super Moderator

    There are many options for configuring storage in Linux like LVM which is acronym of Logical Volume Management and Software RAID. There are also many other various file types which help to maintain storage. Despite of so many features when there is a complete system failure, it’s very difficult to get back a Linux server to its previous state.

    The cost of having a recovery task performed by a technician can be very expensive. If there is a need for changing the disk then there will be downtime for many days and this will be worse for your business and websites. There is an application which is called SBAdmin which is designed for Linux recovery and disk backup management solutions. It has advanced features which allow you to manage your user data backup. This application allows you to backup your entire system. This kind off recovery is called Adaptable System Recovery (ASR) and Storix SB Admin is leader in this area.

    SB Admin is capable of transferring the image of your system to a different disk. This image is an exact copy of your data and operating system. The SB Admin has a good understanding of a Linux system and you can individually restore folder, files, RAID, state or entire system. SB Admin makes sure that you are safe and there are no problems in recovery even in catastrophic failures.

    You can also create recovery disks and use them when you want to recover your system. You can also have a separate disk where you can maintain your data and make sure that you maintain them safely. Your system is monitored and recorded in real time by SB Admin and you can also make recovery points. This recovery data can be used to rebuild entire system from scratch or recover just any part of the system.

    There are also signs before complete damage of the system. So when you see cryptogram of files then its time for backing up your data. Overheating of the CPU also leads to shut down of the computer which can destroy your data. There are also many viruses which are designed just to destroy data, so you should have appropriate protection for your system for viruses and other attacks.

    You should also make sure that you are downloading the data carefully and just download from trusted sites. Ad ware can be very dangerous and there are also many advertising tools which when clicked can gain access to your system.

    There are also many reputed companies which evaluate your disks for free and then they’ll recommend you appropriate products. There are many other recovery products which can maintain back-up of your system and make sure that you are using the trusted products. There are many free products which might not be fit for you. We recommend that you go for a recovery product which costs near $1500.

    You should also check various forums on Linux where people discuss about the recovery software. The other important factor to consider while buying a product for recovery is support team. You should first call them before buying the software and ask for a trial.
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    Understanding Linux Data Backup and Recovery Unix / Linux. ... Reload this Page Understanding Linux Data Backup and Recovery ... The SB Admin has a good understanding of a Linux system and you can individually restore
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