TIP: Solution for Hacking Through the Clipboard

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This is an article on TIP: Solution for Hacking Through the Clipboard in Ethical hacking Tips.

Clipboard hacking

Ever wondered why you can not copy password from password field.....????? Answer is because of possibility of getting your password hacked through the Clipboard!!!!!

How this Clipboard Hack is done?

Every time you copy text using CTRL+C or CTRL+Insert, it gets stored in the Clipboard. And then from Clipboard it can be easily retrieved over the internet by using simple code in JavaScript and ASP or CGI or PHP etc.

How this Clipboard Hack is done?

This is the JavaScript source code to get the text from your Clipboard:
Code: JavaScript
<Script Language="JavaScript">
var clipboardText = clipboardData.getData("Text");

How to prevent Clipboard Hack?

1. Go to internet options->security
2. Press custom level
3. In the security settings, select disable under Allow paste operations via script.
This makes contents on Clipboard safe and you are ready to surf the internet without fear. However, it is recommended not to keep sensitive data (such as passwords, credit card numbers, PIN etc.) in the clipboard while internet is on. It is very easy over the internet to extract the text stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive information.
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hello Sanskruti, am peter i must say i appriciate you sharing your knowledge here.....i realy dont know where to go to perform the java scrpt source code to extract the text store in the clipboard.. pls advise...am a newbie here and hacking has been my hobby just to improve my self...
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hi sanskruti...

i am not a hacker... but i believe i have BEEN hacked through this clipboard thing...
i'm not very good with computers... so where do i need to go to see my "internet options" so i can stop this?

if you could please let me know, i would be sooooo happy!

thank you!
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The option is available under the Tools menu in IE 6
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Great contribution man. Its kinda freaky that these things can actually still happen. I've just changed my settings already. Thanks!
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thanx 4 update
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How about Mozilla Firefox ?
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was ossom