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Time Difference To String

Discussion in 'Perl' started by pradeep, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    Many times we require to output the time difference between two dates/time in human readable form like '5 minutes 18 seconds'...
    Writing a whole subroutine to perform the same can be tiresome and messy, I've written a small subroutine which uses Perl's gmtime function to achieve the same.

    sub time2string
        $seconds = shift;
        # Convert seconds to days, hours, minutes, seconds
        @parts = gmtime($seconds);
        $ret = '';
            $ret .= sprintf("%4d",@parts[7]);
            $ret .= sprintf(" %s",(@parts[7]>1)?'days':'day');
            $ret .= sprintf("%4d",@parts[2]);
            $ret .= sprintf(" %s",(@parts[2]>1)?'hours':'hour');
            $ret .= sprintf("%4d",@parts[1]);
            $ret .= sprintf(" %s",(@parts[1]>1)?'minutes':'minute');
            $ret .= sprintf("%4d",@parts[0]);
            $ret .= sprintf(" %s",(@parts[0]>1)?'seconds':'second');
        return $ret;
    Example Usage:
    print time2string(60*60),"\n";
    print time2string(60*60*24),"\n";
    print time2string((60*60*24*2)+59),"\n";
    #   Output
    #   1 hour
    #   1 day
    #   2 days  59 seconds
    I hope that's helpful!

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