View Poll Results: How did you like the O/P Format of the Sudoku Board??
Very elaborate & impressive 45 54.22%
More could have been done 8 9.64%
Hav not run it yet 30 36.14%
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crazytolearn57's Avatar, Join Date: Feb 2008
Go4Expert Member
good one
aisha.ansari84's Avatar, Join Date: Feb 2008
i feel your article is impressive
vissy's Avatar, Join Date: Apr 2008
Newbie Member
hey rai, i have to do this assignment about sudoku and i dont have any idea where or how to begin, is it possible if you could sent me the logic or even some hard code to me (, because i am really desperate, you can look aty what i have to do at, and just click on assignment 2 link on the left hand side, could you please help me please, and reply asap, thanks
SHAHIN's Avatar, Join Date: May 2008
Newbie Member
well u did a great job
makif1992's Avatar, Join Date: Aug 2008
Newbie Member
are you used to C programming language ? thats impressive
ragavendra's Avatar, Join Date: Oct 2008
Newbie Member
hai gandalf i have used the zip files about the sudoku and i will say how it works in the later days.

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Ayan Aich's Avatar, Join Date: Jan 2009
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does anyone have C programing solution without using file concept to solve sodoku its urgent
chaosprime's Avatar, Join Date: Jan 2009
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What is this ikbhijit() you're talking about?
Iliya's Avatar, Join Date: Apr 2010
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thank you very much for information.
sajjanbalar's Avatar, Join Date: Sep 2010
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which language can be used to creat graphic programme for solving the sudoku.can this be done in c kindly help.