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Sudoku Solving Program Using 'C'

Discussion in 'Game Programming' started by rai_gandalf, Dec 26, 2005.


How did you like the O/P Format of the Sudoku Board??

  1. Very elaborate & impressive

  2. More could have been done

  3. Hav not run it yet

  1. crazytolearn57

    crazytolearn57 New Member

  2. aisha.ansari84

    aisha.ansari84 New Member

    i feel your article is impressive
  3. vissy

    vissy New Member

    hey rai, i have to do this assignment about sudoku and i dont have any idea where or how to begin, is it possible if you could sent me the logic or even some hard code to me (vissarletea@hotmail.com), because i am really desperate, you can look aty what i have to do at http://mahler.cse.unsw.edu.au/webcms/course/index.phtml?cid=1418, and just click on assignment 2 link on the left hand side, could you please help me please, and reply asap, thanks

    SHAHIN New Member

    well u did a great job
  5. makif1992

    makif1992 New Member

    are you used to C programming language ? thats impressive
  6. ragavendra

    ragavendra New Member

    hai gandalf i have used the zip files about the sudoku and i will say how it works in the later days.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2008
  7. Ayan Aich

    Ayan Aich New Member

    does anyone have C programing solution without using file concept to solve sodoku its urgent
  8. chaosprime

    chaosprime New Member

    What is this ikbhijit() you're talking about?
  9. Iliya

    Iliya New Member

    thank you very much for information.:pleased:
  10. sajjanbalar

    sajjanbalar New Member

    which language can be used to creat graphic programme for solving the sudoku.can this be done in c kindly help.
  11. StevenJ1989

    StevenJ1989 New Member

    "Sudoku Solving Program Using 'C'" do u have updates for this
  12. remalhot

    remalhot New Member

    thanks a lot
  13. rameshb

    rameshb New Member

    i dint know how to play sudoku earlier i took pain to do so .. it was great the exe which you ziped was great and love it .. keep it up buddy .. it was a great game to play ..

    keep playing

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