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How to speed up XP

Discussion in 'Windows' started by GreenGrass, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. GreenGrass

    GreenGrass New Member

    How to Speed up "Windows XP"

    Here i am going to show you some easy ways how you can speed up your computer.

    Press "START" go "RUN" type "services.msc" there is alot of serivces so are't needed.
    Open your Internet Browser type "www.google.com" seach for "services.msc" or the name of the service you wanna know more about.. There is alot of sites so will give you support about this.

    Press "START" go "RUN" type "msconfig" take away programs so are't needed when you start up your computer.

    This will give you faster start up.

    Press "START" go "RUN" type "dfrg.msc" this take you to defrag.
    Its importent to defrag once a week. If you have't defrag for a long time.
    This can slow down the computer Proformance.

    You should take away Temporary Internet files.
    This may also slow down the computer.
    CCleaner is a nice tool to do this.

    You should take away all uneeded programs you have
    on your computer this may also slow down the system.
    Press "START" go "RUN" type "appwiz.cpl" this will
    take you to "Add/Remove"

    Take away all animations effects this will give you higher Proformance
    Press "START" go "RUN" type "sysdm.cpl" or you may press "WINDOWS + BREAK" go on "Advanced" and "Performance" uncheck all effects.

    You should also find a good "Registry Cleaner" so can take away invaild Registry entries. CCleaner can also do Registry clean up.

    Download: http://www.ccleaner.com/
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  3. expert1

    expert1 New Member

    try this steps. i think this will help you to speed up XP

    * Go to Start
    * Click Settings
    * Click Control Panel
    * Double-click Add/Remove Programs
    * Click the Add/Remove Window Components
    * Uncheck the Indexing services
    * Click Next
  4. happyz

    happyz New Member

    u can also use some other registry clean software like Windows Washer and Ccleaner is also there as suggested in the post. i am using Windows Washer
  5. NDL

    NDL New Member

  6. cutegirl2000

    cutegirl2000 New Member

    Press RUN on The Start Menu and Type %temp% and Press Enter
    Will Appear a New Window Containing Files And Cookies from The Internet
    Erase All These Files By Clicking ctrl+a and shift+delete and click yes to delete
    Also Press RUN on the start Menu And type temp , also Erase All the Files.

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