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How to Use Social Media Marketing To Enhance Business, Sales & Services

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by coderzone, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. coderzone

    coderzone Super Moderator

    People have started engaging with the social networking sites and are glued to their computer screens for hours. With the advent of the technology, smart phone applications help them to access these networking sites through their mobile platform. Every company has understood the potential of the web market and has made sure the presence is felt in one or the other form. These social media and networking sites help the companies to establish a direct communication with their customers in extra-ordinary ways.

    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace have become the center of attraction as these sites help people to meet with each other. Making new friends is just a single mouse click away and this advantage should be worked out in the favor of corporate companies. There has been a fundamental change taking place which the public as well as corporate hunches have acknowledged in the past. This social media plays a supportive role and helps the companies to understand the interests and likes of their customers. This platform throws a golden opportunity to engage in conversation with the customers directly and listen to their concerns.

    Ways To Engage Social Media Marketing To Improve Effectiveness Of Business

    Content Is King

    The message should be loud and clear irrespective of the marketing medium employed by the companies. Smart marketers have understood the fact that talking incessantly about their products and services will be of no use in the long run. It is very important for these marketers to reinvent their thinking and come up with innovative ideas to market the product. One good way is to listen to the problems of the customers in order to address it effectively. Meaningful content is the new power tool of today’s social media marketing.

    For example, if your company is providing services or products related to kids, it is good to listen to the concerns of the parents. Rather than speaking about the company portfolio and products, it will be a good move to address the concerns of the parents. This will grab the attention of parents that will further improve the credibility of your services. A link to the article on “Simple ways to keep your kid away from germs and diseases” will fetch you organic traffic. Parents will be pleased with the information as not many companies are really bothered about the customer’s needs. A smart marketer will solve the issues of his clients rather than giving an extravagant speech about his own product.

    What Else?

    The content making part is done in the most appropriate manner. An intelligent marketer will be sure of grabbing loads of traffic to his company profile page or the website by placing effective and meaningful content. A thoughtful approach has been made to make these readers loyal to your services. It is now time to kick start your real marketing campaign right from here.


    A short video about your products, services, features about your business can be explained in an attractive manner. The video should be simple and effective in conveying the message. These videos can be uploaded in Facebook, Youtube and the tinyurl system can be used effectively to distribute the links.

    Follow-ups And Likes

    A product page or a profile page of a company will be judged by the number of likes and follow-ups generated. Make sure to give meaningful content that will make the readers to give a “Like” to your page and add them as followers. It is also good to make sure the wall page should be restricted to business conversation and do not mess it up anywhere.

    Promotional Offers

    The social media platform helps the business owners to reach out to the customers in a faster manner. The news spread out very easily. Will it not be a good idea to offer attractive offers and discounts to your followers in Facebook and Twitter accounts? This idea will help the company to improve their customer base. This will in turn help in building a brand image with the customers. A long term relationship can be built with the customers. If the company belongs to retail industry and has got traditional outlets to sell the products, this strategy will work out in better ways.

    “Miles To Go Before You Sleep”

    So, do you think you understood the points described above? These points are generally applicable for any types of business and enterprise owners. Effective usage of social media and networking sites will help the business owners to improve their sales and performance. It gives them a golden opportunity to reach out to a larger set of audience at affordable cost. The number of leads generated will be very high and it is easy to convert them into potential customers. A smart marketer will not ignore the benefits of online portals and websites.

    Most of the companies have started developing an independent team to work out ways to do effective social media marketing. This explains the strategic importance of online portals and the part played by them in developing the business. An innovative marketer will engage all the possible ways to reach out to almost every individual and gain his confidence.
  2. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    A point to be noted here is about the content part. It is very important to place the contents with the right kind of approach. It should drag the viewers attention and should make them read fully. It will inspire the reader to come back and check if the site has got anything else to offer him.
  3. Erskine001

    Erskine001 New Member

    There is huge community lying on social media networks and it really great way of using social media for tarffic enhancement and user attraction there,Its nice valuable information about social media attachment and I have book marked,Good work.
  4. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    It is true that business owners want to take full advantage of the online platform. It suits almost any industry in the current scenario. A good marketing strategy would be to equally concentrate on online strategies to reap better profits.
  5. Kingson

    Kingson Banned

    The Internet recently marked its fortieth birthday. For the first, say, thirty-eight years, it brought us an exponentially increasing tsunami of information with one big caveat. The source of much of that information was unknown, suspect, or worse.
    I recently learned that 63.2% of statistics are made up. That stipulated, it turns out that only 14% of us trust the advertising and marketing being trumpeted by businesses. Shocked that people aren’t buying as soon as they discover your website?
    On the other hand, 78% of us trust peer recommendations. Some of us probably have lying, cheating friends, but on balance, apparently they’re a good lot.
    During the last two years we’ve seen an explosion of social networking. What’s different now is that people are using their real identities and they’re connecting principally with people they “know”. Facebook recently surpassed 450 million members (making it the world’s third largest country), while LinkedIn is approaching 70 million business professionals.

  6. Rauny

    Rauny Banned

    This is really interesting thread. Social media marketing is really effective way to get targeted traffic and to promote your business. Through this you can directly interact with people and you can tell them about your business and also sell your products online.
  7. eBiz

    eBiz New Member

    Yes, They often take marketing campaigns on Facebook.

    We see it often.
  8. amylv

    amylv New Member

    How can we know that actually??
  9. Eldridge13

    Eldridge13 New Member

    Yeah, more and more customers can be found on the big social media platform. I think social media marketing will be a tendency.
  10. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    I believe the next big word in the industry is Search Media Optimization and this will gain maximum prominence in the near future. Its very important that we should be aware of such techniques.
  11. parker1234

    parker1234 Banned

    Social media marketing is really very necessary for enhancing business,sales and services.You had given a good guide on this thread,its very informative.

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