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Small Bug tracking utility in C# with access as database

Discussion in 'Database' started by shabbir, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member


    When I was managing a team of five developers I use to distribute the work among the team members and I was using the Excel for making notes of everything but on one day I though of writing a simple program for myself and used one weekend to write the program for my job but I though of sharing the same with you guys. The program is helpful in just allocating the work to the small team members and have a report that allows me to see which member is doing what.


    The main aim of this program is not providing a project management software but just to know the status of my each team and dont complain if the program does not do anything that you need. I have included the source code and so you should be able to edit the same and get what you want out of it.

    Using the application

    The main aim of the application is simplicity and so the basic data like team members data, problem type data is kept in text files so that I dont need to write the interface for adding them into databases from the softwares. Open the text file and add a line to the file and you will see the option in the combobox for you to select and if you dont see a good reason to have the name in the file you can type it out each time you add an entry. Just have the database file BugTracker.mdb and all the text files in the same folder as the application.

    Out of interest

    A lot of improvements is possible specially in the areas of validation which can be added for some fields.

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  2. PRamanan

    PRamanan New Member

    Hi shabir,

    I am indulged in developing Online Issue Tracking sytem.For that I have met with a problem in Database creation.

    The Sceneario is "The Database should be specific for each and every group of customers,For example initially A is a company with 10 users accessing the product after two days B is a company with 50 user accessing the same product".In this case the datase base should be provided to the two companies separately to maintain their transaction. How to handle this.

    Any sort of ideas is valuable for me.
  3. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  4. srikes

    srikes New Member

    Add a field in the datase for example company name etc..

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