Skinning an application is easy !! winamp liking! Apple? WINOS? LUMA?

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SkinFeature is a custom skinning implementation library and GUI design tool available as DLL and .NET components. It allows you easily to create skins . this skin creator supports MS Visual C ++MFC(5.0, 6.0, vs2002, vs2003, vs2005, vs2008), MS Visual Basic, Delphi, Windows Forms (.NET), WTL, ATL, ,and all Win32 languages that support COM objects. The SkinFeature GUI design tool offers flexible controls customization for all Windows elements.

This IS Visual Skin Builder Tool

skin preview:

SkinFeature developer library improves the visual appearance of your applications by adding originality and uniqueness.

SkinFeature developer library is a powerful library that changes the visual appearance of windows or dialogs, providing developers with full-featured support for 'application skins', or 'application look and feel'. Skinfeature makes it easy to create programs with visually stunning, fully interactive user interfaces.

When it comes to impressing your clients and your software users, nothing is more helpful than SkinFeature skin creator software. With innovative features and superior simplicity of use, you'll agree that no other GUI design tool comes close.


With SkinFeature you could make your program look exactly like it was from another OS, or create your own user WinAmp-like "skinned" interfaces, or just give it a different, distinctive look.
¦ support all Windows standard control
¦ support Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP/2003
¦ support MDI/SDI/Dialog/Shape style window
¦ support Windows's common dialog
¦ support custom control
¦ support UNICODE
¦ WYSWYG skin editor
¦ include all source

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Moved your thread to product showcase section as we think its a nice product to have in showcase
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As far as I know the windows design guidelines forbid something like this. You should always use the official windows controls if you want that your software will run (and look nicely) on new operating systems from microsoft.