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New site how to raise traffic and PR?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by infoway, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. paulwalker

    paulwalker New Member

    For a new site, you should start with its promotion like press release. It will helps to generate traffic as well as help to get back links. After that you can work with Article submission, Directory submission as well as forum and blog posting.
  2. infosdem

    infosdem New Member

    Why Manual Article Submission is Better than Automated Submission.
    One very effective internet marketing solution to get visibility for your website and attract target audience is through article marketing. This concept involves focusing on improving search engine rankings through manual article submission. The advantages of article directory submission include enhancing web traffic, improving search engine placements and increasing revenue opportunities.

    Making use of an article submission service will help you to make fast submissions to SEO friendly article sites and also get your URL high quality rankings. With 100 percent manual submission and a high acceptance rate, you can considerably enhance your site’s visibility. A quality submission service
    will also provide unique author accounts for each submission to avoid duplication which the search engines will reject.

    Most every website today looks for high search engine visibility; in fact you could say it has become an absolute necessity. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses competing online to generate higher traffic volumes and revenue.
    Manual article submission service will submit articles manually as the name suggests to article directories. The articles get submitted to the most popular, SEO friendly sites that attract large volumes of traffic.

    If you are wondering what the hype about manual article submission is all about, keep reading to find out. The advantage in choosing the manual submission method is being able to select directories with the most relevant categories for your site. With the automated submission method you get to
    submit the article to the same category on every site. This becomes a problem when article and category have no relation to each other; the editor simply deletes the article. When articles are submitted to the best fit categories, high value back links are provided for your site. In simple terms, the closer the relevance of the article to the category, the higher the value of the

    Another benefit of manual article submission is the fact that it allows you to submit different articles (submit to no more than 40 directories to get indexed) and resource boxes to different article sites. The automated submission method does not allow you to choose which directories you want to
    submit to, nor does it allow you to vary the articles and resource box text.
    This causes a problem because the search engines will not index all of your submissions. But you need all the articles to be indexed and to make this happen, article submission by the manual method is the better option.

    Another reason to choose manual submission over automated submissions is that automated submissions get you plenty of links in a very short span of time. Generally article directories will take as much as 2 weeks to approve articles. Getting too many backlink in a two week period is suspect with the search engines. When the search engines investigate to find out that automated
    submissions were made, the backlinks are either assigned a lower value or the article is de-indexed. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of article submission wouldn’t you agree!

    It is generally agreed that outsourcing the article submission process is the bet way to get top article submission done without the stress.

    Manual Article Submission Service offers submissions to high rank article sites. Our service includes preparation of different anchor text and site descriptions to attract your target audience.
    Guaranteed Best Article Submission Service is provided to get one way links from other sites related to your business.
  3. 4deewar

    4deewar New Member

    Nice Post.
    Thanks for information.
    It is very helpful for new SEO.
  4. divinequran

    divinequran New Member


    Most of the directories PR might be more than 3, but their inner page or catergories are unranked or indefined, those kind of links are not most valuable.
  5. mathewhogard

    mathewhogard Banned

    Start doing Directory submission.It will definitely helps to increase PR as well as traffic for new site.
  6. lincy

    lincy New Member

    increase traffic :
    Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly, Spread the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites ,Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry, Post in forums ,Comment on blogs , Create an e-mail "signature" - your name, your website address and a short tag-line describing the main benefit of your site , Look into traffic exchanges, Write articles on the topic related to your website, and include a link to your site in your author bio ,Start an e-zine for your web site ,update facebook and blog ,ads ...... etc

    ways to increase PR:
    Update your website every day by adding more unique content , Provide inside linking to your website , Create sitemap for your website then submit , Trade your link with other web owners ....... etc
  7. smiriti

    smiriti Banned

    I think U can do increase a traffic Such as Blog commenting, Forum Posting, SBM and Sharing to the site etc..
  8. mathewhogard

    mathewhogard Banned

    For new site I think Press Release and E-mail marketing is the best way to increase traffic for the site.
  9. webcreations

    webcreations New Member

    Follow the rules of SEO , don't be spammer.
    use all these activities
  10. jaimehopkin

    jaimehopkin New Member

    As per my experience on seo...by following the best off-page optimization strategies we can easily increase our website page rank....i.e.:
    - Link Wheel
    - Forums
    - Blogs
    - Web 2.0
    - Video Marketing
    - Guest Post
    - Ads posting
  11. davidgaffer

    davidgaffer New Member

    Good tactics to gain traffic, i am going to use this one to my new website. Hope, it will works :D
  12. Social bookmarking and forum posting is best for new site to raise a traffic and pr.
  13. h2so4

    h2so4 New Member

    Is it true if we Regularly post in Socials sites can increase PR???
    I have a blog Seoztips(dot)blogspot(dot)com now its PR is 0 all from Social Bookmarking sites Posts.
    But still i have some doubt on its usefulness, if i do some 100 of socials with same title,its considered as spam? any idea??
  14. mathewhogard

    mathewhogard Banned

    Do as much as relevant link building. Link your website with high page rank website.

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