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Simple trojan in vb ..... (only for learning)

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking Tips' started by vishal sharma, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Uhmmm

    Uhmmm New Member

    Danke :)
  2. cignusweb

    cignusweb New Member

    nice tutorial. vb now looks interesting to me again :)
  3. dense

    dense New Member

    k... i dont want 2 write a trojan! i jus wanna b able 2 use it? now i downloaded poisen ivy & pretty much grasp the general idea but i hav some problems. poisen ivy requires port forwarding (as i gather does any program of this nature) how do i go about this? also what is the most effective way to send a trojan to sombody? i mean how do u trick a specific person into opening it? or can a trojan be implimented without sombody opening it? any advice would b greatly appreciated! i mean if no pre fab trojan actually works obviously id hav 2 work on writing 1 so like if i just copied all that code would i hav a working trojan?! thx.
  4. akshayvats

    akshayvats New Member

    I need Help Vishal Bhaiya.
    I tried, but i sent client application to other computer. It worked fine on my computer but not on my friend's computer. We couldn't connect...
    Set remote host name on client = my computer's IP address
    and remote port = 80
  5. akshayvats

    akshayvats New Member

  6. lanky_ninja

    lanky_ninja New Member

    Would it be possible to do this in VBS?
  7. ali_akbar

    ali_akbar New Member

    brother can u also please tell how to create a .exe file from vb.
  8. kcahhsac

    kcahhsac New Member

    pls i am new to programming and stuff, pls what is a VB and where can i download it...........anxiously waiting for ur reply.
  9. ehsano

    ehsano New Member

    very cool:happy::happy::happy:
  10. X-h4ck

    X-h4ck New Member

    hmm cool one .
    keep it up.
  11. praveen1

    praveen1 New Member

    good one
  12. praveen1

    praveen1 New Member

    well explained
  13. nicolerisse

    nicolerisse Banned

    How should this work? My AVG erases this in less then 1 second...
  14. teh_owner

    teh_owner New Member

    nice this makes me want to get visual basic now.
  15. dimo191

    dimo191 New Member

  16. kyle

    kyle New Member

    hey guys
    i have a quastion
    im a n00b and i've downloaded more than 80 books on programing and hacking
    i really wanna be a hacker so:
    should i really learn all those books to be 1????
    and second i wanna share sth with you
    this is a whole library
    enjoy it
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2011
  17. kyle

    kyle New Member

    ooouuuuu i forgot
    can you give me an exemple of some trojan on C++?
    tomorrow i am going to start learning that language.

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