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Hey guys, yeah this is my first posting here. These are just some simple little things i like to use to cause no end of frustration to my school administrators....yea im mainly a white hat tho


Basically these are just some simple cmd.exe commands that normal people don't know about. Actually most people don't even know what cmd.exe and as soon as you open it their like 'oh shit you must be a hacker'. God damn sterotypes

The code

Ok the first code is to see all the users on the computer
the second will change the password of any user (including the admin) note: unless using a network command line interface eg. Powershell it will only change the individual computers admins password which is still pretty useful
the next adds a new using to the comp
you guessed it, this one deletes a user
and this one adds a user to a localgroup

Blocks of code should be set as style "Formatted" like this.
net user
net user (username) * [note: just start typing the new password you wont, no writting will come up though just hit enter when ur done]
net user (username) /add
net user (username) /del
net localgroup (localgroup eg.administrators) (username) /add


Go get em'
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how do i do this plz pm later
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gaza ..
open a command window and type it there line-by-line
or use Windows > Run command on your PC .. opens a black window .. and there you type it.
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some of this works but all school computers ( unless the ones that are poor and cant afford protection on there pcs) have it to where on shutdown every download command ETC.... will all be deleted except for the stuff the admin specified so ur account will be deleted and wont work. also when you use that that computer can have a server user logon system to where when u turn on ur pc and the logon screens pops up its coming form the main servers pc and lets u logon so once logon and u try to change a password the server rejects it and wont let u at all.

And not to mention most school computers have keyloggers and recorders installed on there pc to see what ppls doing.
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This will give Access Denied 5
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it worked for me i.e in Windowsxp professional, tested in my own system with the local user and changed the password for admin
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Hi ,i am working for connection between server and client.Can you help to connect one server and many clients ?
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this is well known triuck
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I want to add a little,
if you want to change password with that trick,
it just work on XP, it won't work on Vista.

If you want to use it on Vista, type :
net user [username] shift 8

and it works.......


I'm a newbie, It's nice 2 be here
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I loved using this in school, to get around the filters, so that I could play whatever I wanted

The filters, block certain websites, anything that the school administrators deems 'inappropriate' such as pornography (obviously) and games (e.g. Runescape)

Well, this is useful if they also disabled use of the command prompt, cmd.exe

Go to Start>Accessories>Calculator (yes, the calculator) and in calc, click Help>Help topics.

Now. In the upper left hand corner you see a "?" right click on it and click "Jump to URL"

You will see "Current URL: mk:@MSITStore:C:\WINDOWS\Help\calc.chm::/calc_whatis_intro.htm"

In the Jump to URL: type in "file:///C:/windows/system32/cmd.exe" WITHOUT QUOTES OR SPACES

Scripting like this