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Select A Random Image

Discussion in 'PHP' started by pradeep, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    The code snippet below will pick up a random image from the server and sends it to the browser.
    Try it out.

    //path to image dir
    $path $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/".$folder;
       if (
    $handle=opendir("$path")) {
    false !== ($file readdir($handle))) {  
                     if (
    $file != "." && $file != "..") { 
    substr($file,-3)=='gif' || substr($file,-3)=='jpg'$files[count($files)] = $file;
    substr($files[$random],-3)=='gif'header("Content-type: image/gif");
    substr($files[$random],-3)=='jpg'header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
  2. imrockr11

    imrockr11 New Member

    Thanks Buddy
  3. pkphp

    pkphp New Member

    Thank you very much for you share. I just need this scrips.

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