Remove Autorun virus from your flash drive

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This is an article on Remove Autorun virus from your flash drive in Windows.
The video is about removing the autorun virus, Which many antivirus programs cudn't remove it. U can do it manually after seeing the video. Pls post ur comments.


Downloadable video:
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Thanks for you
This situation make me crazy
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Thanks for you
This situation make me crazy
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How can we check virus in flash drives ?
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To Check the virus, you must use the Antivirus ofcourse....
But before you do that, you must stop the autorun first,
so the virus won't active automaticly.

I've another tips:
"After you plug in your flash drive, push and hold Shift button, and the autorun won't work"

Is Autorun and Autoplay the same?
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heyy nice software...thanks for sharring...
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Have you at one time or the other used your flash drive in someone else computer and try to use it on your own computer and you discover that when you click on your drive to open, it opens in a new window?
Do you always see a notepad file with the name BOOTEX.LOG inside your flash drive?
This is a sign that you have autorun virus in your flash drive. Autorun virus is transferred through flash and storage disk from an infected computer to a none infected one. When an infected flash drive is inserted into a none infected computer the virus uses autorun.inf to execute the virus on the system. The virus is always resident in the root directory of the flash drive and other storage devices. It has file extensions like .bat, .exe, .com, .BKK and file name like autorun.inf,, etc.
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If you are tired of virus you can install linux ubuntu and install general software like office, nero, adobe reader and so on.

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