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Windows options can be more easily modified in its XP version, than in any other.

First let me introduce the start up option. Whenever u boot a system it loads some of the programs other than system files in the background. Those are called start up items. These are really important cos, once a virus enters into the system,to affect the system it loads itself into the start up. Since the start up items also includes many system files, u shud b very careful in deleting or modifying a start up entry.


There are many ways to access the start up entries.
1. start-> run -> msconfig (Only in XP)

In the last tab u'll find the startup tab. Inside that it has Startup item, Command and Location.
2. By regedit also u can edit the items, but its not the safer way to do it. Since registry is the core of the OS, if u disturb it any way, It fails to work properly.

Many software are available in the net, which can help in modifying a startup entry. I'll list some of those.

3. Tuneup utilities and many more.
Using a sub tool inside the Tune up namely, Start up manager u can easily do modifications.

4. From ur start up folder also u can access these entries.
root\Documents and settings\(User name)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
Inside this folder there will be some start up entries. U can even delete this, if u re sure that u don't need it.


With the msconfig tool u can't actually modify an entry. U can only enable it to load or disable. But with tuneup utils u can add an entry and even modify it. When ur system is affected with virus such as newfolder.exe,regsvr.exe and svchost.exe. U can easily evade them by tuning ur start up.


In order to remove the un wanted entries, u shud first know which is unwanted.
for instance I'll list some of the unwanted entries
reader_sl.exe ----> Acrobat reader
NMBgmonitor, Nerocheck ----> Nero
Adobe gamma loader -----> Adobe

As i said already, System files also find a place in the start up entries. So be careful in modifying these.
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