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Kindle Vs Ipad

Discussion in 'Gadgets Review & Analysis' started by XATech, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. XATech

    XATech New Member

    Amazon and Apple both are companies running on different products and strategies. Amazon is known for selling content while Apple for exclusive hardware and software. Then where the competition lies between the two? Amazon’s Kindle wished Apple Ipad hadn’t been out but it did and the competition started if we consider only e-reader feature of both the devices. If you ask me then Kindle is “Complete Purpose-built Device” i.e. it is mainly built for the sole purpose of reading e-books, newspaper and magazines while Ipad is multi-purpose device with e-reading capability. So if the competition is between two e-readers then obviously maximum votes would go for Kindle.

    Advantages of Kindle Over Ipad

    Kindle has E-Ink Technology

    Kindle uses an E-Ink Technology which takes you as close as you will get to a printed page. They do an excellent job of reproducing the look of the printed paper.

    Kindle can read in direct sunlight

    Kindle has no backlit so one can enjoy e-books under direct sunlight which is something you can’t do on an LCD screen. Ipad’s reflective screen makes it hard to read in bright light, and many people find that backlight tires their eyes over long reading session.

    Kindle has Focused on Reading

    Kindle is built keeping reading in mind and so it has fewer distractions from the actual purpose. Display is remarkably easy on the eyes, text size can be adjusted with a couple of clicks, and the Kindle’s built-in dictionary lets users find the definition of any word simply by scrolling over it. It is ambidextrous so anyone can enjoy reading irrespective of “lefties” or “righties”. Page-turning buttons are located on both sides, allowing you to read and turn pages from any position.

    Kindle has Remarkable Battery life

    Even jumbo Kindle DX has battery life of 2 weeks with wireless off and 1 week with wireless on in contrary to Ipad which has only 10 hours of battery life.

    Kindle is independent of any other hardware and software support

    To make kindle work you don’t need any software to install, computer for data transfer or even any minor setup. Purchase one, take it out of box and read. But for Ipad you are always dependent on itunes and Apple store applications.

    Kindle is Cheaper

    If your purpose is only reading e-books, newspapers and magazines then Kindle is available at only $139. Even the most expensive Kindle DX is available at only $379 which is almost half the price of Ipad.

    Kindle is compact and lighter

    kindle Wi-Fi weighs only 8.5 ounces (nearly 0 .5 pounds) where as latest Kindle DX weighs only 18.9 ounces (1.181 pounds) . Ipad weighs around 1.6 pounds.

    Kindle has wider Range of Titles

    Kindle Store has 450,000 titles while iBooks has 60,000 (30,000 of which are free public domain titles).

    Advantages Of Ipad Over Kindle

    I have discussed regarding the advantages of kindle. But if you like to add multimedia, games and thousands of quirky applications with e-reading capability then obviously Ipad wins. After all reading books is not the only thing left in life. So advantages of Ipad over Kindle are as follows:-

    Ipad is a Multi-purpose Device

    unlike kindle Ipad is a multipurpose device. It also supports movies (HD quality), pictures, games and thousands of quirky applications.

    Ipad has Larger Screen Size

    Ipad has 9.7 inches screen with IPS display. The Touch technology making navigations fast and easy. On screen keyboard makes it possible to have large screen and so it can include two pages of an e-book at a time.

    Ipad’s LCD screen is bright and colorful

    Unlike kindle Ipad has backlit which allow you to read books at night as well. The colorful display takes you to the colorful world of text and images while you read.

    Ipad has Touch screen

    The best way to think of the iPad is as a larger iPhone. So the Apple’s pinch, swipe and multi-touch experience is never compromised.

    Ipad has large memory volume

    Ipad comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB whereas kindle DX has only 4GB of internal memory.

    Ipad can Include Amazon’s Kindle Application

    Finally, one bitter fact is that the even using Ipad you can have access to Amazon’s library using Amazon’s kindle software. Amazon’s strategy is different from Apple’s. Apple developed the iTunes Store as a service to drive the sales of its hardware. Kindle software and hardware was created to drive the sale of books and other downloadable content.

    Looking at the advantages of both Ipad and Kindle I can say that both are winners and successful in reaching to their purpose. The Amazon’s purpose was not to compete with Apple in terms of hardware rather it was content which Is the ultimate business for Amazon. So Apple will keep on selling it’s hardware and Kindle will be selling it’s content taking the help of Kindle hardware and software. I hope the everything is clear. Give your view on it..
  2. DonRox

    DonRox New Member

    Well, thank you for the information. I love the iPad and I am a big fan of the iPad. Was really interesting. I would like to share a new thing with you. That is there is a newly released iPad heart monitoring application. That is really a wonderful app.
  3. DonRox

    DonRox New Member

    Well, thank you for the information. I love the iPad and I am a big fan of the iPad. Was really interesting. I would like to share a new thing with you. That is there is a newly released iPad heart monitoring application.You will be able to find it out when you google it...........
  4. puviyamilla

    puviyamilla New Member

    Go for IPAD
  5. Eldridge13

    Eldridge13 New Member

    People are transfering to use iPad 2 now? Is that right?
  6. seo_corporation

    seo_corporation New Member

    Kindle is basically document oriented and is best for getting a reading experience. I-Pad has multiple functions. IPAD is known for its software support with more of operating system. I-Pad is better in case if you are looking for an operating sytem with huge potential whereas kindle will serve for potentail readers.
  7. sandyofmalay

    sandyofmalay New Member

    You've put forward a good analysis but basically it's difficult to compare the two. I own a Kindle and it does a good job, but has nowhere near the functionality of an iPad which I've played with but don't own. It all depends on your budget.

  8. Robberson

    Robberson New Member

    In order to consolidate its market kindle has also developed software apps specifically for the iPhone, ipad and android phones. Books can be purchased via any device with a modern web browser and you can read those books on any device that supports Kindle software like your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon’s own Kindle hardware. The Kindle and iPad should both be financial successes. But competition between the two will only get fiercer as the market for e-readers and tablet computers heats up.
  9. Robberson

    Robberson New Member

  10. Robberson

    Robberson New Member

  11. ankitasharma

    ankitasharma Banned

    Exactaly i m agree with you........
  12. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    i would go with iPad
  13. silvan4now

    silvan4now New Member

    iPad is a much better product and it does more things than any kindle reader could do.
  14. Enlisans

    Enlisans New Member

  15. gyanibell

    gyanibell New Member

    i will definitely go for a ipad. I can understand kindle has its own benefits but ipad is the best choice for me as many of you.
  16. Bertashton

    Bertashton Banned

    what to say about its going to be tough competition when kindle will comes into the market.
  17. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Kindle is already in market.
  18. cyclop

    cyclop New Member

    Overall, the kindle it the ipad for the poor :)

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