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JNODE::Java New Operating System Design Effort

Discussion in 'Java' started by Tango Issac Debian, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Tango Issac Debian

    Tango Issac Debian New Member

    JNode, a "Java New OS Design Effort" is an open source all java operating system. It is a modern OS with support for modern hardware devices intended to be simple to use, install & maintain on personal devices such as desktops, tablet pcs and handhelds.

    JNode has started out many years ago as just an idea that is should be possible to write an OS fully in Java by Mr. Ewout Prangsma. This OS would have all the advantages of the Java language, such as the lack of buffer overflows, security in the language itself and automatic garbage collection,and many more.

    JNode has gone public about some years ago and has grown into a working OS with support for many network, disk & video devices, protocols and applications. It supports an effective command shell and the first GUI implementation is becoming a reality. In these years , the project has also grown from a 1 man effort(bcs Ewout was the only developer of it at that time), to a large group of developers, working in several teams.

    We have been releasing intermediate versions roughly every second month and we will continue to do so. Every new release brings major improvements in functionality, hardware support and the idea of an overall working OS.

    There has been and still it a huge discussion outside our project if an OS can and should be written in Java. Many people say it cannot be done because of lack of speed, lack of access to hardware and many other reasons. We don't mind about this discussion, because we're actually doing it. We do have a working OS, it is becoming ever more faster and it really stimulates us to do this smart. For example driver and NVidia video card using its hardware acceleration makes it just as fast as any other driver written in C or whatevery language.

    So to conclude, JNode is currently not usable for a non-skilled computer user, but is growing very fast.http://www.jnode.org

    If you want to see our progress, visit http://www.jnode.org and if you want to help out, please contact us.

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  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Looks good. Are you into the development of it.

    Also I am not sure if that is relevant question but Java need a platform to run and who will be providing that platform for the OS to get up and take the charge.

    Also we would like to make some donation to JNode if you can have the following [thread=1211]guidelines[/thread] followed or at least majority of them.
  3. Tango Issac Debian

    Tango Issac Debian New Member

    Thanks for your proposal. ye,I am a developer for JNODE.
    You ask the question , we always face that.But no problem.Bcs, we are not in the way of SUN.We have our own Virtual Machine (specially notify as JIT-Just In time Compiler) with fully JAVA and a very little no of(nearly 14 .asm files for x86 now :) ) ASM files as our NANO kernel.
  4. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Looks impressive. Also you did not tell anything about the Donation.
  5. Tango Issac Debian

    Tango Issac Debian New Member

    JNODE::Welcome Features Requests

    We,on behalf on JNODE::Java New Operating System Designing Effort Community are interested to make JNODE more HW's compatiable.We now support very small numbers of HWs.Hence,we need the supporting hands from everyone.
    Friends,Welcome to JNODE community.Submit the features requests for JNODE please.
    We always need help :)
  6. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Please dont create new threads for JNODE all the time but have them here. I have merged the posts here and deleted the thread.
  7. Fabien DUMINY

    Fabien DUMINY New Member

    Hello Shabbir,

    I am a very active member for many years in the JNode project.
    We are proud that you want to support us by a donation and are considering seriously your proposition.

    Is that possible that you send me a mail to give an idea of how much you would like to give to the project ?

    You are welcome to join our irc channel :
    server : irc.oftc.net
    channel : #JNode.org

  8. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Let me know you email address through PM

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