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Inserting a number into a sorted array

Discussion in 'C' started by pradeep, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    When I was learning to C, our proffessor had given us a problem where we had to enter a number into a sorted array so that the array remains sorted even after the insertion.
    So, I tried it yesterday, here's the code for it.

      **    To insert an inputed number into a previously sorted array, 
      **    at such a location so that the array remains sorted.
      **    @author: Pradeep
      **    @date: 11/30/2006
      #include <stdio.h>
     /*define the size of the array*/
      #define MAX_SIZE 6 
      void main(void)
          int a[MAX_SIZE] = {2,6,12,15,18}; // fill sorted data into the array of size MAX_SIZE-1
          int n,i,j;
          printf("Enter the number to insert : ");
              /* check for the location, which if found, shift numbers to the right */
                      a[j] = a[j-1];
          a[i] = n; // put the no. at the correct location
          /* print the completed array */
              printf("%d ",a[i]);
  2. rahul.mca2001

    rahul.mca2001 New Member

    its a quite common problem

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