Working on HTML Enities in Javascript

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This is an article on Working on HTML Enities in Javascript in JavaScript and AJAX.


Some characters are reserved in HTML. For example, you cannot use the greater than or less than signs within your text because the browser could mistake them for markup.

If we want the browser to actually display these characters we must insert character entities in the HTML source.

A character entity looks like this: &entity_name; OR &#entity_number;

To display a less than sign we must write: &lt; or <

The advantage of using an entity name instead of a number is that the name often is easier to remember. However, the disadvantage is that browsers may not support all entity names (while the support for entity numbers is very good).

The Code

I have made to subroutines to enityfy and unentityfy strings. You'll need jQuery to use this code.

Code: JavaScript
var str = '<div>s& dj ? ssss</div>';
var str1 = jsHTML_encode(str);
function jsHTML_encode(str){
function jsHTML_decode(str){

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How can we create design in html with the help of java script ?
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In this coding Working on HTML Enities in Javascript

<input type="text" id="x" value="">
<script type="text/javascript">
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@gkumar: for this the html element with id 'x' has to be present, and moreover it just sets the html entity.