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Hacking Gmail account using GX cookie

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking Tips' started by pop3_zxcv, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    In the footer always check the last 5 IPs from where you account is being accessed.
  2. sathish_kasi

    sathish_kasi New Member

    Hello Guru's

    nice to see ur post........
    i need one help from u ppls........

    my gmail id is hacked.......
    now only realize how is happened that time i logged in and using torrent.... in mozila firefox....not only that i always save my password in browser itself.........

    ok let come to point

    one person hack my id and he cahenges my password, secondary email, security questions... i reported to google and fill the forms..on their i gave my email id, old password, frequently contacted email id's, orkut account url, orkut's previous user name,account creation month and year and last successful login date month year.......and my piccasa account creation date....and youtube account creation and labels of my account and so on..........but i get the mail from google we can't restore the account...............i couldn't find my activation code of hacked account........

    one important thing last night i seen that person using my id........ while my cousin logged into his account in the chat list the id is avail for chat am try chat him when i ping he went invisible.......

    is there is anyway to recover my account........my contact email id is sathishtechkasi(at)gmail(dot)com.......plz mail me.

    i dont want to know how to hack i need my id only........becoz this one is official id i registered everything with this id only plz try to help me am not a genius too plz consider my request.............


    sathish kasinathan:mad::mean::embarasse:nonod::crazy::embarasse:shout:
  3. enerst

    enerst Banned

    Hello All,

    Please reply me for tools i want to be buy toosl or if any body know who can be supplying me good smtp, any good type of mailer and email leads fresh ones please give my email to the person please the person must be sombody with good tools if you are also very good in webmail hacking please do reply ony good hacking bro should reply me, a sincere and understandable person, i will do more things with the person after i get his reply via yahoo chat my email is (jaccy_luv@yahoo.com)

    I really need genuine persons.

    Thanks and God bless you all hackers as you contribute and help me your Friend.

    King Enerst
  4. enerst

    enerst Banned

    Re: Hacking webmail account

    I am Enerst please brothers send me a website i can be using to hack webmail, email leads or site that upgrades their email leads from time to time, smtp, mailers, or credict card but am not to concered about credict card but really not to serious about credict cards this eis my email (jaccy_luv@yahoo.com) get back to me by chatting with me on yahoo of if yu have this things i have listed i can by buying from you it is very important to me but i need a sincere and free in mind brother.

    Thanks as you chat with me on yahoo messager

    My Name is King Enerst
    Thanks And Bless You
  5. aungkyawzin

    aungkyawzin New Member

    I Like that
  6. joker.N7

    joker.N7 New Member

    thanks very much
  7. cofiholic

    cofiholic New Member

    Hi guys,

    I need to access my blogger account for I want to remove my posts (and my name). Problem is I already deleted my gmail account. I think the email that I used is just a username for blogger. Therefore, does that mean I can still use that email address to log on to blogger? Is there any chance you can help me hack my old email address? Forgot the password already.

    Thanks a lot!
  8. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Nice basic tut !
  9. lonerusher

    lonerusher New Member

    copied from isoftdl which is my website...I originally wrote this article around 2 years back in sept 2009.
  10. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    This article is live here since 2008
  11. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Lulz ...
  12. aero eagles

    aero eagles New Member

    Good Idea
  13. cena525

    cena525 New Member

    great sharing...
  14. nafo

    nafo New Member

    Thanks for the good tutorial ,but maybe you have some good tutorial for Linux ?
  15. bvhllshtbtchn

    bvhllshtbtchn New Member

    Can't the the GX cookie :/
    Does the person need to be in the same state as you?
  16. flipmedia

    flipmedia New Member

    Dear Friends,
    I am newbie in using the tool NetworkMiner . I am using windows 7 Ultimate . But I cannot select
    the wireless socket , I got following error in attachment . Please help me with a solution . The Firefox plugin also not shown in Browser too . Any other editor for changing cookies?

    Please look the attached image


    Attached Files:

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