How to make a Fork Bomb (rabbit virus)

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Hey guys, haven't posted on here for a while, been honing my skills . And I 've got a new thing for all u guys to have fun with, its very easy and fun to do. Before we start coding ill explain what a fork bomb actually is.

A fork bomb or rabbit virus opens an application for example cmd.exe so many times that its overloads the computers processor which results in the computer either overheating, shutting down or in some cases you can get a BSOD (blue screen of death). Unlike little batch viruses like the shutdown one you cannot stop a fork bomb unless you extremely 1337 so once it starts it goes until it does its job.

Most Anti-Virus software will not pick a fork bomb or rabbit virus, as far as its concerned its just a batch file the opens and application.


Fork Bombs aka Rabbit viruses have been around for ages due to their effectiveness to evade anti-virus software. I came across it when i wanted to play a practical joke on my schools administrator for his birthday. Just to let you know it worked and hes not some n00b. I find them very effective just don't bomb yourself.

The code

Ok this is the code that you type into notepad.exe remember to save it as a .bat or if you want it in a dorminant for save it as a .txt

One more thing...I am not responsible if you kills your computer or somebody else computer with or without permission. Now that we have that out a the way here we go...

Blocks of code should be set as style "Formatted" like this.
Code: .bat


Have fun guys
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Can Understand Buddi!

could u Explain only about your coding
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nice one m8!

some info there:

explanation bout the code would be great :]

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Sounds cool, an explanation of the code would be nice.
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hey guys im new woohoo

thee names gaz

i may need sum help so i might ask yas to help me is tha ok
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Originally Posted by faizulhaque
Can Understand Buddi!

could u Explain only about your coding
it starts a file then goes back to :s (basically the top) then starts over
and over ect. until you memery is totally messed up. Then your computer crashes.
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excellent for example at the command prompt write a batch file like this and run that like this
copy con test.bat
cmd /k dir/s

press F6 and save the file and run that

sorry your system will hang check them once you are doing this ok
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Good one
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Run this boy from a flash drive so you can see how it works and pull the drive to stop it.