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Easy CD/DVD Duplication

Discussion in 'Products Showcase' started by pradeep, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    We all have burnt CD/DVDs on our personal computer to distribute among family or friends, Ubuntu.com ships everyone free copies of Ubuntu Linux, now how to they mass produce CD/DVDs, well, this is where companies like Corporate Disk Company come into play. Corporate Disk Company offers a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility providing full service media replication ( DVD replication, CD DVD replication ) & duplication, print, packaging, warehousing and distribution.Since its founding in 1984, Corporate Disk Company has been committed to high quality media manufacturing and distribution.

    disk.com handle all major optical media like CD-R/CD-ROM/DVD-R/DVD and even diskettes. You can even ask then to transfer from tapes to DVD/CD. They will also handle all the printing & packaging needs. disk.com provides complete manufacturing services from premastering analysis, glass mastering, molding, silk-screening, offset printing, packaging and fulfillment.Their clients range from individual to large corporations, who are completely satisfied their excellent service and support quality.

    Corporate Disk provides state-of-the art DVD-R duplication services that are especially suited for low quantities and quick turnarounds. Our DVD-R duplication service can produce DVD-ROM (computer data), DVD-Video (Movies) and DVD-Audio (music). The low cost, 100-year data life and broad compatibility make duplicated DVD-R's ideal for small-scale distribution of DVD content. Read more about DVD-R services here DVD replication

    You may also ask for a quote online or by phone. disk.com may also help e-commerce needs by handling the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. They will help increase productivity and cut costs. For more details and help visit disk.com

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