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thanks for helping us
This is really a good post you have given here. This is very interesting and will help to reduce the loading time of the website. Thanks for this tip.
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Most important facts to decrease loading time :
1) No Videos on home page
2) If Videos then make thumbnail and redirect it to other page
3) Good content must be anchored
4) NO dead links
5) Less applications on home page
6) NO Pop-UP

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Oh really!!!!your suggestions are really nice. Thanks again.
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In general a bad programming and at the same time loads of gifs and images that weren't resized are the main reasons.
Also it is a good idea to see what your provider can offer!
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For sites using wordpress, we can use the plugins like w3total cache. And also we should be very careful in selecting the plugins. If we use more plugins this may also affect the site loading time.
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By using too much JavaScript can increase the web page load time.

As you know only one line of JavaScript can be run at a time, and other files cannot be loaded while JavaScript is processing. Using too much JavaScript will force the rest of the page to wait for the JavaScript to finish before it can load. So to decrease the web page load time you should remove any unnecessary JavaScript.

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always be careful with all the scripts and all the "variables" you have around in your site. I mean this is probably the biggest "bug" there can be around
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Good tips. loading time really matters.
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does websites with flash items take more time than normal sites?