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How to Decrease Web Page Loading Time

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by coderzone, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. styris

    styris Banned

    Very useful tips. This tips will surely helps to increase site loading time.
  2. virtueinfo11

    virtueinfo11 Banned

    great subjugation on "how to decrease website loading time. loading time is much important when website ranking top position on search engine. if load time is much then bounce rate will be also there.

    quick site loading much important. keep posting such nice information.

    thanks :)
  3. reetu_dahiya28

    reetu_dahiya28 New Member

  4. richardboss78

    richardboss78 New Member

    Really, all the Points are responsible for Page Loading time and if you want SO-friendly website then you should keep in mind this point. Thanks For sharing nice stuff
  5. transcribe

    transcribe New Member

    Nice and effective post in fact. One of the reason of higher bounce rate is slowness of the site. We should take care of these above facts to avoid this.
  6. veronicaZora

    veronicaZora New Member

    Really great tips you mentioned here. Useful and very beneficial post. This things I'll definitely include for my website.
  7. sachinseo

    sachinseo Banned

    great information you shared in your post. I will apply this tricks in next site.
  8. netcommlabs

    netcommlabs Banned

    Thanks!!! for sharing such useful tips..
  9. Bertashton

    Bertashton Banned

    that s really true we must have try to minimize the load time to get a better position in google searching results, as the coderzone have described well here.
  10. lgco2012

    lgco2012 Banned

    Thanks for sharing this tips... it helps for a faster loading...
  11. cyclop

    cyclop New Member

    I would like to add another one that you probably missed. Move your status contents ( css / images/ js ) to a CDN such as Amazon S3 or Maxcdn.
    Another tip is to minify CSS/js files as well.
  12. davidgaffer

    davidgaffer New Member

    Thanks mate... i will try this... i appreciate your post.

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